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- The name is derived from it’s location - TRIangle BElow CAnal 

Tribeca, a radiant blend of industrial heritage and modern elegance, stands proudly as one of New York City's most distinguished neighborhoods. Its cobbled lanes and historic warehouses are juxtaposed with luxury residences, making it a sought-after locale for the city's elite. At the heart of Tribeca, the Greenwich Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury, where Élan Flowers takes pleasure in sending weekly floral delights and gifts to its esteemed guests. Our floral masterpieces have graced events at the iconic Tribeca Rooftop and fashion extravaganzas at venues such as Maman, Locanda Verde, Tribeca Grill, and Tiny’s. Beyond these venues, a discerning set of private clients rely on Élan for weekly floral subscriptions, filling their expansive lofts and penthouses with nature's elegance during their exclusive parties and events. With special occasions like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, Élan Flowers becomes the choice for many, offering unmatched flower delivery services throughout Manhattan, NYC

Garden of Orchids


A striking presentation of five different orchid varieties arranged in a white ceramic bowl.Available in an array of either all-white or fuchsia tones.Please allow 48 hours for delivery.PLEASE NOTE- WE CAN ONLY DELIVER ORCHIDS ON THE DAYS WHEN THE WEATHER IS MORE THAN 32 DEGREES.


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