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The Road to Valentine's Day

The Road to Valentine's Day



    February 1st: the start of the shortest month of the year. And here at Elan, it feels even shorter than that.

    Before our eyes, days blow by in a flurry of rose petals and carefully pleated tissue paper. Our entire staff is busy preparing the studio for an influx of New Yorkers seeking to shower their loved ones with brilliant blooms come February 14th. It's certainly a lot to prepare for but it's hands down, our favorite time of the year. Nothing feels better than being able to help others show their love for one another (and what a better way to do that than with flowers?).


    In our main retail space, our retail associates are working around the clock to craft all of our signature gift wrapping in which the arrangements will be nestled in, beautifully protected for their journey across the city. Every wrap has four elegant layers of tissue paper and cellophane, assuring that your delicate blooms are not only protected--but arrive in true Élan style. The entire gift is tied with double-sided satin ribbon and topped with a handwritten ivory stationery card, expressing your heart-felt words, inserted in a craft-paper envelope with care instructions, addressed to your recipient and attached to the arrangement with a thin black satin ribbon. We want your sentiments of love to be nothing short of perfection with not a single petal, nor pleat, out of place.    



    In our design studio, our talented floral designers are pre-ordering a jaw-dropping array of roses and other seasonal flowers sure to delight your recipients. This year we are featuring a signature rose: our vibrant Sweethearts. These beautiful blooms stand out within our 2023 Valentines Day Collection as their brilliant pink color is so vibrant, it's almost hard to believe that their color is naturally occurring, not dyed. Another one of our designers' favorites of our 2023 collection are our red roses. Red roses are beloved during this time of year but here at Élan, we offer a twist on the classic as our red roses hide within their petals a little surprise: little heart shapes! Nature is truly the ultimate floral designer, creating a rose with a natural stacking petal pattern that is reminiscent of the beloved symbol of February 14th--a perfect heart. Don't just gift your special ones a flower arrangement, gift them a bouquet filled with love (literally).


    In our office space, our event professionals and management staff are busy organizing the logistics that will allow you to receive your Valentine's Day gifts smoothly come the busiest time of the year. Our team is ecstatic to see your early orders filling our system and we are excited to work closely with each of our clients throughout the next few days.

    As we continue to draw lines through days on the calendar as our busiest day of the year fast approaches, we are filled with such joy to be your top New York City florist since 1983. Thank you for trusting our family to create the beloved arrangements and statement pieces for the most memorable and special days of the year.

With Love Always,


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