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Signature vs. Event Style Arrangements

Signature vs. Event Style Arrangements


No matter the special moment in your life, we have the perfect arrangement to make it even more memorable.

At Elan Flowers, we offer two main styles of arrangements: our Signature Style and our Event Style. Designed specifically with the setting and moment in mind, these both are absolutely stunning in their own ways but were each designed with different goals in mind. We recommend one style over another for different types of moments. Here's a breakdown of the two options:


  Signature Style:
  Recommended for: Gifting, multi-day corporate events, home-styling

  - Included flowers are so fresh that the petals have yet to fully open (not in full bloom) so that you can enjoy the flowers for a longer period of time as they begin to open to their full beauty

  - Overall arrangement is physically more compact and lush with our signature interlocking spiral stems

  - Floral colors are within a curated palette, available in many signature and seasonal favorites

  >>  Each arrangement sent out for delivery or picked up at our studio is nestled into a delivery box with a black and beige tissue wrap that is meticulously layered and pleated to perfection. The gift is tied with double-sided black satin ribbon and topped with a hand-written ivory stationary card expressing your sentiments, inserted in a craft-paper envelope with care instructions, addressed to your recipient and attached to the arrangement with a thin black satin ribbon.


Event Style:
Recommended for: Dinner parties, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate get-togethers

- Flowers are in full bloom; designed to be at their prime in the moment so everything is perfect for your event and at its peak beauty

- Specific flower types are selected to maximize the arrangement's full, whimsical effect

- More loose and airy feeling--whimsical. Fills the center of your table or event space with energy and movement meant to mimic the energy of your event itself.

- Made for the moment, site specific designs 

>> Each arrangement created for an event specifically is carefully wrapped in layers of tissue paper and other packing materials to secure the vases within large, cellophane event boxes. These ensure that everything can be easily delivered to your location safely, protecting all of the flowers.

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