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Orchids and Plants

To ensure your Élan arrangement stays looking its very best for as long as possible, please add fresh water on a daily basis.

Direct sunlight is not recommended, and cooler room temperatures–65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit–are ideal. Avoid placing your arrangement near heating or cooling vents, in drafty areas, or near any appliances that give off heat.

For orchid plants, we recommend placing three ice cubes at the base of the plant–avoiding direct contact with the leaves–once weekly.
If the area in which the plant has been placed is rather dry, this can be done twice weekly. Yellowing leaves are usually not
a cause for alarm; the life cycle of an orchid dictates that occasionally a leaf or two will be lost to
make room for a new one. Mushy roots are indicative of over-watering.

Orchid plants bloom up to three weeks after purchase.
Blooms will wilt and fall off after the plant is done blooming. The flower stem will turn brown.
During this phase, the orchid is simply resting, and with continuous care will be ready to bloom once more in approximately a year’s time.

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