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Pilea - Élan Flowers
Pilea - Élan Flowers



$ 50.00

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The Pilea plant is a favorite for plant lovers. It has many nicknames including money plant, coin plant, UFO plant all referring it's unique leaf shape. It is also known as The Friendship Plant because it creates little babies or "pups" that can be propagated and shared with friends.

Our Pilea plant comes planted in a 4" white ceramic pot with a matching tray.


Pilea Peperomioides Plant Care

Allow the top 2”-3” of the Pilea Peperomioides' soil to dry between waterings. Typically, watering this plant once a week will suffice. Drooping leaves can be an indication that the plant is ready for water, but always test the soil to confirm your diagnosis.

Even though this plant is part of the succulent family, do not place your Pilea in direct sunlight since it will scorch the leaves. In order to prevent your Pilea from growing lopsided, rotate it at least 2-3 times a week since it grows towards the sun.

The heater and the air conditioning can cause the air to become drier: adjust your watering, based on the temperature and the amount of lighting in your home. Remember that Pilea loves humidity, so spray or mist the leaves twice a week if your home is on the dry side. 

Once a month, you can “flush” your Pilea: water the plant 4-5 times in one sitting, each time letting all the water slowly drain out. This will help to wash out unnecessary salts and minerals that may have accumulated over time in the soil.

Sizing Chart


It is a sweet gesture and the perfect size for a side table.

Approximately 9" diameter and 10” tall.


A lovely gift size, perfect for home or office.

Approximately 12" in diameter and 11” tall.


A lush and compact arrangement ideal for the center of a

dining or coffee table. Approximately 15" in diameter and 14” tall.


Full and exquisite without being ostentatious.

Approximately 18-20" in diameter and 16” tall.


This is a stunning arrangement where we use our most inspired selection of blooms.

It is a distinctive size, perfect to impress upon any table center.

Approximately 22” in diameter and stands approximately 22” high in a pedestal vase.

Tres Élan

Absolute Brilliance.

Approximately 28” in diameter and stands approximately 26” high in a pedestal vase.

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